Day Five of Self Love Challenge



I committed to writing a blog. It’s a privilege to have this opportunity! I am very thankful to have found my voice it’s cathartic and encourages self acceptance. Day five’s challenge is easy to answer for me. Throughout my recent troubles and feeling depressed my mum frequently suggests to go to the gym or go for a run/walk just get some exercise. She’s right I’ll give her that much. I live near New York City so if I want to go for a run let’s say I have to drive to the park/trail. If I want to go for a hike the closest is 35 minutes aways. My point is that if you don’t want to get hit by a car while running the gym is the safest place. My new-found discovery of doing yoga is not considered exercise for me because I enjoy it, it’s challenging and you definitely get a workout but the motivation is already there. I have difficulty in finding the motivation to go to the gym and get a cardiovascular workout. During the beginning of last year, around April, I had been going to the gym religiously 6 days a week and running/biking 60-90 minutes. My heart rate would get up to my targeted range for my age group and I felt wonderful leaving the gym. It boosted my mood and gave me the stamina/energy to last throughout my hectic crazy days. However I was pushing my myself and the limits at work, at the gym, at home. Life had other plans for me! I developed peroneal tendonitis. I was in a boot with crutches, unable to apply weight to my right extremity for 6 weeks. It took me until August to walk without the brace and without pain. The point of this story is…my rhythm changed…prior to my injury going to the gym was routine almost like taking a shower, you wake up and you just do it. I need to start saying yes to going to the gym again! Not getting a cardiovascular workout/exercise on a routine basis is just as damaging to your heart as smoking cigarettes.

john singer sargent

I’d prefer to lounge around at home reading a book or watching a movie. I need to make working out again a priority because my health is a priority. I’ve kept this little note from a fortune cookie in my wallet for years and it says “There are no shortcuts to anything worth having.” If I want to get back into “shape” I’m going to have to put in the work. Even when not motivated I will have to drag myself to the gym. It does get easier I promise!

Please share any thoughts, comments, experiences, something you need to start saying “yes” to, I’d love to read them!

Artwork Credit – “Waiting for William by John George Brown and “Lady Agnew of Lochnaw” by John Singer Sargent


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