Day Seven of Self Love Challenge

john george brown


I love my teeth…that’s part of my body. I wore braces for 3 years.  I went through the headaches, the constant tightening, and the removal of 6 molars in one shot (yeah that was fun and funny…I looked ridiculous with cotton swabs stuck all over my mouth drooling blood all over the place). I paid for those straight teeth, both literally and figuratively. I was in college when I got braces so Mum and Dad had fortunately already helped me out more than enough financially.

One thing I love about my personality…is this self-love challenge supposed to get easier or what? I’m generous…I’m a giver…always have been. When I was about five, we lived in a community in Northern Quebec above the tree-line where the ground is permanently frozen underneath the dirt. There was a family that lived next door to us. I was an only child and they had six or seven kids (can’t remember specifics but I remember thinking…that’s a lot of kids). I was fortunate to have Christmas presents…Santa had been good to me. Santa had given me this tall doll she was almost as big as me. My Dad reminded me that our neighbour’s little girl who was the same age didn’t get anything from Santa. I had received other items from Santa so I gave my tall doll to her. My generosity had a huge impact on her. When my father died many years later his colleague started a blog. This young girl (I’m leaving out her name on purpose) now a young woman wrote on his blog about receiving this doll on Christmas from me. All this time I had no knowledge of the impact I made. I was raised by a teacher and a social worker so I guess it’s no wonder I ended up a registered nurse.

I continue to give…I believe giving one’s love, being generous with one’s heart is what our souls are meant to do. But often times our ego gets in the way. I’m proud to be generous although I will admit it’s caused me pain and in the past put me in situations where I have been taken advantage of. But I will still give it’s part of me. My generosity is one part of me that I totally accept…maybe I’m getting closer to acceptance.

Please share any comments, experiences, thoughts! I’d love to read them.

Artwork credit – John George Brown “Not in it”

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