Day Eighteen of Self Love Challenge

jean-baptiste perronneau


I have recently started to work out again. However it is sporadic and not consistent yet. A change I would like to make to increase my happiness is going to the gym at least five days a week. Everybody’s idea of going to the gym is different, to specify I want to run sixty minutes on the treadmill at least five days a week. Running has always been an activity that is therapeutic for me. Running releases endorphins giving you this running “high”.

I started running in grade eight. My father placed great importance on physical activity when I was growing up. As a toddler most of the pictures of me are in a backpack on my mum’s back with my dad crossing the finish line of some triathlon he was doing. As I got older my father introduced me to running, cycling, and cross-country skiing. I never gravitated towards cycling or cross-country skiing much to my father’s dismay. Throughout high school I was on the track team and I did ten kilometre races with my dad. My training was gruelling. On Mondays I ran five kilometres, Tuesday ten kilometres, Wednesday five kilometres, Thursday ten kilometres, and Friday five kilometres. Saturdays were never fun… I ran twenty kilometres with my father either running with me or driving a long side me. My diet was constantly monitored and restricted by my dad. Running got me through high school and taught me great discipline. I am forever grateful to my father for instilling the importance of exercise. My father died when I was in my early twenties despite his healthy lifestyle. It’s been over ten years since his passing but when I run I feel his presence.

In order to increase my happiness I intend on running on the treadmill for sixty minutes five days a week. Running outside is not really an option for me although preferable since I live in a heavily populated area and have no wish to be hit by a car or breath in the fumes of exhaust. I have stated my goal and I hope I can stick with it!



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