Day Twenty-Five of Self-Love Challenge


I grew up in a couple of different communities in Canada. My dad would attain his goals and want a new challenge bringing my mum and me with him. I became quite adept at making new friends. I learned to adapt to every new town.

I’m really really good at taking care of others. As a child I preferred to always be the nurturer. I had several baby dolls and stuffed animals that I took “care” of. With my ability to make friends I quickly became the mother hen of every new neighborhood.

I am empathetic to the point where I have to work very hard to maintain a positive attitude and not internalize the problems and heartache’s of others. One day when I was a teenager, I was out running on the road that wrapped around the mountain where we lived. I witnessed this giant groundhog getting hit by a car. It was laying in the middle of the road. It was still alive and visibly suffering. I picked it up with no regard for getting bitten. I held this heavy creature in my arms until life left its body. My mom thought I was nuts and my father scolded me for the risk I took picking it up. But I knew my empathy was a gift I must share with others preferably humans who didn’t have the potential to bite me.

I mentioned our moving around because of its pertinence to my ability to be a nurse. Moving around developed my ability to be friendly. I have what they call the “gift of gab” and my friendliness has been an asset as a nurse.

Of course being really really good at taking care of others has helped me excel in my nursing career.

Artwork credit – “woman with bouquet” and “portrait of a woman” by Laura Wheeler Waring

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