Day Twenty-Six of Self Love Challenge


I previously saw myself in a negative manner more often than not. Divulging what parts of myself I’m ashamed of is an easy task. Although I have made progress and I’m learning to accept all of myself qualities and flaws.

I’m ashamed that I have difficulty letting go of relationships that are toxic. Setting limits is difficult for me.

I’m ashamed that I overeat to the point where I feel sick. I’m a size 2 and weigh 123 lbs thankfully others cannot tell about my gluttonous nature. Thank God I have a high metabolism.

I’m ashamed of being so critical and judgmental towards myself. It has not served me at all to be such which is why I’m attempting to make changes. I try appear confident however one can detect my lack of self esteem in my inability to set limits and the disrespect I have allowed in the past.

I’m ashamed of my extensive collection of figurines and dolls. I have collected and received as gifts over the years. I keep my cabinets hidden from the eye of visitors that come to my home and I never bring it up im conversation. At my age I shouldn’t derive such pleasure from just admiring them.

My shadow self is quick to judge others before I have the facts. I believe this is a projection of my own lack of confidence in an attempt to repress my own feelings of inadequacy.

I see and dislike in others the qualities I dislike in myself. Being aware of what we dislike in others is an important tool to discover our own aspects of personality/self that we dislike or are ashamed of.

Artwork credit “Portrait of a young girl” by George Chickering Munzig and “The Pink Dress” by Berthe Morisot

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