Day Twenty-Seven of Self-Love Challenge


As I’m nearing the end of this challenge. I have come to the conclusion that how I see myself and my self-confidence directly affects how I experience life. I’m learning to accept myself for my flaws and my qualities. A choice that I can make right now that my future self will thank me for is to commit to seeing myself in a positive light regardless of what happens. Which also translates to cutting off access for those that mistreat or disrespect me.

When someone mistreats or disrespects you and the only consequence is a conversation, you are letting that individual know it’s ok to disrespect you. Cutting off access to you sends the individual a clear message that you will not tolerate that behavior. I used to think a conversation would be sufficient to change the behavior. The severity of disrespect does play a factor but nonetheless tolerance of that behavior teaches the individual it’s ok and the behavior is likely to happen again. If the behavior reoccurs after the conversation that individual does not value you or respect you and cutting off access to you is the only solution for self-preservation.

I’m a human being and I’m imperfect. I used to put so much pressure on myself to have everything together. I may not be exactly where I want to be in life but that’s ok. Every day I’m making progress…I’m committed to growth and change…the changes may be small but they’re impactful.

I’m currently changing jobs and about to embark on a job that will be stressful. I am mindful that l have to set limits in order to be successful. I can’t work 80 hours a week and be healthy. My mental health has to be a priority.

Activities that help me de-stress have to be a priority too such as – going to the movies every Tuesday with my son, going to the gym, doing meditation and yoga, writing for my blog, taking relaxing baths, spending time with friends, making healthy meals, watching my favorite shows like “Sherlock, Call the Midwife, Victoria, The Crown” etc.

My expectations are realistic…I am aware there will be setbacks but I’m confident my commitment to growth will help me overcome these obstacles. As the saying goes don’t focus on the problem just on the solutions.

Artwork credits – “The Honorable Mrs. Graham” and “The Honorable Mrs. Duncombe” by Thomas Gainsborough

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