Day Twenty-Eight of Self Love


My parents and paternal grandmother have always been my role models and have impacted who I am today. My mom was a school teacher and my dad was a social worker and later became a director at a psychiatric facility. The fact that I wound up becoming a nurse and serving my community is no coincidence. My father had several degrees and careers prior to becoming a social worker. He passed away suddenly without warning April 23rd, 2008 and left a huge hole in our lives. He was a very intelligent man and placed great value on education. He was fair, diplomatic, and had a way of making you feel heard and never judged. He believed everyone had a voice and should use it. I remember him going to protest in Quebec City at the 2001 summit of the Americas. He always stood up for what he believed in and that’s a quality I believe we both share. My father spent a lot of time with his patients often sacrificing time with his family. I used to be resentful however after my dad passed away on the blog his colleague created in remembrance I realized the profound effect he had on so many lives. His niche was substance abuse and suicide prevention. He believed people could change their lives and we his help many people did. I am a proud daughter. Even ten years after his death, I still feel his absence in my life.

My mom is a great role model. My mom and dad agreed before they had children that my mom would stay home. My mother has made many sacrifices in order for me to have a proper upbringing. She graduated college prior to my birth and went back to school when I was nearing adolescence. I admire the mother she is. Although I don’t feel deserving of it, I know I have been a devoted mother to my son. I have made sacrifices and will always put my son first. I remember the day he was born, staring at his beautiful face realizing the gravity of responsibility and privilege that I have been given. A true blessing from God.

My dad’s mom, Eleanor Theresa Devlin was a force to be reckoned with. In a time when a woman getting an education was not a priority she graduated from college and worked at Honeywell Insurance company. She believed in fostering my growth and always made me feel special. When I got a divorce and was feeling like a failure and disappointment to my family she lifted me up as did my mom. I have always been surrounded by strong women. I am forever thankful because I learned to empower myself. I wouldn’t be the successful person I am today without these role models in my life. I feel truly blessed for having such awesome role models.

Artwork credits – “Pinkie” and “Blue Boy” both by Thomas Gainsborough

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