Day Thirty of Self-Love Challenge


This challenge really forces you to take a look at yourself. Which quite frankly is a difficult thing for me to do. In my job and taking care of my son, I haven’t really set aside time do so. It’s very interesting that until this blog I haven’t given much importance to my own personal growth. The inclination to start this process was largely due to my unhappiness and my wanting to change my situation. So here goes the list –

Positive – Kind, caring, supportive, compassionate, funny, intelligent, energetic, organized, devoted, honest, independent, spontaneous

Negative – defiant, perfectionist, clean-freak, judgmental, impulsive, blunt, reserved

Being aware of your qualities and flaws is key to knowing yourself. Acceptance of the flaws is even more important. You can change your behavior at any time and in turn improve yourself. Be mindful what others think of you is none of your business. Only your acceptance matters

Artwork credits both by Clare Elsaesser

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