Day Thirty-One of Self-Love Challenge


The end of the challenge is here…this challenge took longer and was harder than expected. I have had to face and accept who I am and my current situation. This year has brought a lot of changes for me: the ending of a friendship I thought would last a lifetime and changing jobs among many revelations. There have been situations that made me question who I am and my choice of profession. In hindsight I have shown courage and perseverance, I have survived it all and didn’t faulter. In order to unhold HIPPA regulations I cannot discuss the situation that assulted my core. I can divulge that I was harassed by a bully who threatened my livelihood which put me and my license under scrutiny and questioning. I went through months of mental torture and thankfully my integrity won. I discovered who was truly a friend and who wasn’t.

As this year draws to a close I am ready to put the past behind me. I forgive myself and I forgive my bully. Someone who creates pain in the livesof other is often consumed with pain himself/herself. I hope life gets better for my bully.

One way I can commit to loving myself daily is to live life without compromising myself. For example setting limits and not tolerating disrespectful behavior. This blog has been instrumental in my growth. Putting my thoughts down is cathartic and freeing. I finally allow myself to be me publicly. Thank you for this privilege I am grateful. I will continue the blog. I am committed to growth and being true to myself. Change is difficult and I have been resistant to it. However as this year has demonstrated change is inevitable.

Artwork credits “Julie Manet” the first by Pierre August Renoir and the second by Berthe Morisot

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