Losing hope but gaining peace

Life is ever changing. I have been resistant to change but it’s become a necessity to change for me. I have been in an unhealthy relationship for too many years. Afraid to say how I feel and afraid or unwilling to face the facts of the situation. Today I made the decision to end this relationship. I will feel a lot of pain and loss. But I’m finally being true to myself and advocating for my wellbeing. I’m apprehensive about the future but I’m finally at peace within myself, because I chose to respect myself. Setting limits on those that disrespect you isn’t mean, it’s loving yourself wholeheartedly. Compromise is an important and a valid part of every relationship but not when it comprises your thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs. I haven’t been strong enough before and I’ve struggled with this decision. I hope the new year will be more positive.

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