Every choice you make has led you to this point in time. My expectations were too high or I was being unrealistic . Relationships take work. I need to take responsibility for my own actions but also realize the impact of my behavior. You have to be truly ready to forgive and let go of the past in order to move forward. There were once too monks walking along a road and they came upon an old woman. One of the Monks asked the woman if she needed any help. The old woman asked him to carry her across the muddy road. The Monk helped her across. The monks continued walking. The other monk was annoyed and continued wondering why his companion had stopped their long journey to help this old woman. He asked his friend why did you do that. The monk replied you are still carrying that woman on our journey making it harder. I probably didn’t retell that story correctly. But in essence the point is the same. In a relationship carrying all the hurtful events or so called wrongdoings doesn’t help the relationship it hinders it. Forgiveness is truly letting go of those wrong doings it doesn’t mean you forgot but letting go allows healing to begin. Laying blame doesn’t fix the relationship it hinders it. Taking responsibility for your our behavior is the only power you have.

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