Trust issues

When starting a relationship one must earn trust….why is it that everyone seems to assume trust should be given freely. Perhaps it’s my reserved nature but I am having issues trusting. My relationship with myself is only now trusting after 38yrs. I used to ignore my “gut” and pretent those bad feelings of intuition were just a figment of my imagination well now I know that was my body… my protection….. saying “run”…… something doesn’t feel right….intentions or actions should not be trusted. I must also remember one’s actions speak louder than any words. How someone treats you is exactly how they feel about you! Remember your 1st love and all the trust you gave him or her then remember all the betrayal you felt when your heart is broken. The pain of betrayal is what we all want to avoid in any relationship. But for me that fear of being betrayed is very strong and always seems to be at the forefront while starting any relationship. How do you proceed how to you allow a relationship to grow without trust?

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