Restarting the challenge

What is the biggest struggle with loving yourself?

I started the 30day self love challenge a little over 2 years ago after a breakup. In re-reading my 1st post, one of my biggest obstacles mentioned was that I don’t deserve to be happy. So I’m still struggling with that one. It is often said to compare yourself to others is not productive and not beneficial. However in seeing others in happy relationships I realize and I’m willing to admit I’m jealous and I ask myself what do they possess that I do not. I’m kind, smart, loving, caring etc. I know I have a lot to offer but I always feel like I’m not enough what if I said something wrong or did something wrong. Did I divulge my feelings too quickly. Was my reaction not enough, was it too much. Do you see the theme here? Have I made any progress in the last 2 years? Maybe yes and maybe no. The whole reason I had started this journey was because I went through a breakup with someone who truthfully didn’t respect me or value me. When starting a new relationship I’m always looking for the red flags trying to anticipate what they might look like. I’m making myself crazy instead of living always afraid of the pain. That previous relationship whether I want to believe it or accept caused a lot of trauma. Trauma that really hasn’t gone away. How do I get rid of it how do I move forward without bringing along all this excess baggage that doesn’t serve any purpose. I unfortunately don’t have the answer.

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