It took a long time

I have mentioned my previous relationship in posts before. It took a long time to end that relationship when truthfully it should have ended before it started. It lasted 7 years. I ask myself why did I allow the relationship to continue? I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t supported, I wasn’t in the place I wanted to be, but yet I became complacent, comfortable in my discomfort. I don’t want to repeat that pattern with anybody. How do I change that pattern? Be more vocal about my feelings but that means being vulnerable and that’s not a pleasant feeling for me. I’m scared, how can I ever move on without repeating the same mistakes. The relationship has been over for a long time now I don’t miss him nor do I ever want to get back together. It’s the pattern of not being happy in a relationship and continuing that’s what I want to avoid. In a new relationship you’re never comfortable enough to be vulnerable so how can that relationship progress how can I move forward without communicating your concerns. If the man I’m with does things I don’t like, does that mean they’re red flags? and I need to move on? or am I expecting to understand too soon in the relationship. And without talking about it with him how can I expect him to understand where I’m coming from? I no longer trust me own feelings and that’s why I believe I’m feeling so lost.

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