To forgive

There are certain things I’ve done in my life that have left me with feelings of deep regret and suffering. I have made a list of the reasons why it is time for me to forgive myself.

(1) these regrets have prevented me from fully loving myself

(2) I have suffered enough

(3) I’m not the same person I was back then it’s been over 15 years ago

(4) I have always judged myself very harshly and critically

(5) these regrets have stayed with me a very long time and are preventing me from moving forward

(6) I would never repeat the same mistakes now

(7) I was young and didn’t fully understand my actions or their consequences

(8) If my best friend had made the same mistakes I would advise her that it’s time to forgive herself and let go of the past

(9) Maybe the reason why I keep experiencing events in my life that make me suffer is to remind me it’s time to forgive myself

(10) It’s very painful to not forgive myself and I don’t want to be in pain anymore

(11) I’m ready and want to change and forgive myself

No matter what regrets you have in life they are not worth you suffering or being in pain. There has to be something positive that comes from all the bad experiences events don’t just happen for nothing. Events that shake you to your core are meant to wake you up. I believe in my case I was meant to forgive myself.

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