Life update

I’m successful by professional standards. I have a job and I pay my bills. I’ve moved up the latter and I acknowledge all the help I’ve received. In my personal life I have not been so successful….why? The decisions I’ve made have brought me to this place and I have the power to change it. Why do I feel powerless when in reality I dictate how I feel and who I let in my life. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately and I realize now I have some changes to make. It will be challenging and there will be setbacks but allowing the same mistakes would be to make the same decisions.

The struggle is real…

I feel as though I’m at the same point in my life that I was years ago. It’s hard to put my thoughts down but its like groundhog day reliving the same pain over and over never realizing the lesson that I’m supposed to learn. What am I supposed to learn? I’m supposed to learn that I’m good enough plain and simple. I deserve to be treated as though I matter….my thoughts and feelings matter. If anyone does not respect me then I am to let them go and walk out of my life forever. I don’t know why I haven’t let that happen in the past but now is the time to do it. Allowing it to repeat is the underlying problem.


At my age you would think that I would be wise enough to understand there are people in this world who will take advantage. I’m an idealist, I’ve always been and it’s lead to my demise many times. Simply because I am unwilling to believe people would knowingly do harm or want to profit from others. However time and time again I find people taking advantage of my kindness or willingness to help. I’m discouraged by the behavior of others

Starting over

It’s been over a month since my last post. I started a new job as a unit manager on a rehabilitation unit. The staff on my unit are hostile and most of them have never worked elsewhere. These ladies are very resistant to any kind of change and quite content with complacency. “This is the way we’ve always done it”. I’ve been attempting to maintain a positive attitude regardless of their hostility which has been almost a full-time job. I’m putting in 12 hour days 5 days a week. Initially I was working every day of the week. I stopped working weekends in order to maintain my mental health and my commitment to Self-Love. However the working 12 hour days has to stop! I’ve struggled with leaving work at a reasonable hour because the expectations and workload is unrealistic for one person. My unit is 37 beds but the turn-over rate is the killer with constantly changing patients and health status. In order to honor my commitment to Self-Love, I have to put a limits – learning to work 8 hours then quitting for the day regardless of the amount of work left to¬† be completed. I struggle with not taking the hostile behavior personal. It’s easy to internalize someone’s negative behavior as a personal a problem if you haven’t learned that someone else’s problem is not your problem and has nothing to do with you! I’ve been successful at constantly reminding myself I don’t own the problems of others. When my staff act like jerks towards me I let it go and remain productive. In the past I would have wasted precious time on wondering what I did wrong to cause he/she to act in such a way. I’m still working on personal growth but I have to acknowledge that and I’ve made progress!

Art credit – “The Honorable Edith Helen Chaplin” by Philip Alexius de Laszlo

Losing hope but gaining peace

Life is ever changing. I have been resistant to change but it’s become a necessity to change for me. I have been in an unhealthy relationship for too many years. Afraid to say how I feel and afraid or unwilling to face the facts of the situation. Today I made the decision to end this relationship. I will feel a lot of pain and loss. But I’m finally being true to myself and advocating for my wellbeing. I’m apprehensive about the future but I’m finally at peace within myself, because I chose to respect myself. Setting limits on those that disrespect you isn’t mean, it’s loving yourself wholeheartedly. Compromise is an important and a valid part of every relationship but not when it comprises your thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs. I haven’t been strong enough before and I’ve struggled with this decision. I hope the new year will be more positive.

Day Thirty-One of Self-Love Challenge


The end of the challenge is here…this challenge took longer and was harder than expected. I have had to face and accept who I am and my current situation. This year has brought a lot of changes for me: the ending of a friendship I thought would last a lifetime and changing jobs among many revelations. There have been situations that made me question who I am and my choice of profession. In hindsight I have shown courage and perseverance, I have survived it all and didn’t faulter. In order to unhold HIPPA regulations I cannot discuss the situation that assulted my core. I can divulge that I was harassed by a bully who threatened my livelihood which put me and my license under scrutiny and questioning. I went through months of mental torture and thankfully my integrity won. I discovered who was truly a friend and who wasn’t.

As this year draws to a close I am ready to put the past behind me. I forgive myself and I forgive my bully. Someone who creates pain in the livesof other is often consumed with pain himself/herself. I hope life gets better for my bully.

One way I can commit to loving myself daily is to live life without compromising myself. For example setting limits and not tolerating disrespectful behavior. This blog has been instrumental in my growth. Putting my thoughts down is cathartic and freeing. I finally allow myself to be me publicly. Thank you for this privilege I am grateful. I will continue the blog. I am committed to growth and being true to myself. Change is difficult and I have been resistant to it. However as this year has demonstrated change is inevitable.

Artwork credits “Julie Manet” the first by Pierre August Renoir and the second by Berthe Morisot

Day Thirty of Self-Love Challenge


This challenge really forces you to take a look at yourself. Which quite frankly is a difficult thing for me to do. In my job and taking care of my son, I haven’t really set aside time do so. It’s very interesting that until this blog I haven’t given much importance to my own personal growth. The inclination to start this process was largely due to my unhappiness and my wanting to change my situation. So here goes the list –

Positive – Kind, caring, supportive, compassionate, funny, intelligent, energetic, organized, devoted, honest, independent, spontaneous

Negative – defiant, perfectionist, clean-freak, judgmental, impulsive, blunt, reserved

Being aware of your qualities and flaws is key to knowing yourself. Acceptance of the flaws is even more important. You can change your behavior at any time and in turn improve yourself. Be mindful what others think of you is none of your business. Only your acceptance matters

Artwork credits both by Clare Elsaesser